Hi, I’m Tom Scally 

Intuitive Life & Business Coach

I am a purpose driven consultant that takes pride in authentic and ethical work. My clients hire me to streamline their lives without it being a grind so they can reconnect with themselves  becoming better at work and home.

Don’t take the wait and see approach.

Get on the path of new learning, discoveries, and self-mastery with The Bridge Method.

Do any of these sound like you?

You need more time and energy

You need to achieve your goals faster

You need more engagement in your family life

You need to repair a relationship

You need mental focus, emotional happiness, physical health, and spiritual purpose

The solution is NOT reading more books, attending more seminars or watching more videos.

The SOLUTION LIES IN AVOIDING the ONE BIG MISTAKE all smart people make…

NOT having the correct view of where you are starting from!!

No matter what stage of life you’re in, we all have gaps

Living a well-rounded life gives you the best chance to close them

The Bridge Method

… is a holistic coaching program that will help you break through self-imposed barriers and the problem you have with fixing the problem

Here’s How I Can Help

Personal Growth

This is for the people who have nothing wrong but feel like something is missing. You know there’s more to life than how you feel now.

Waiting for something else to happen, then you'll take action to level up your life (PS- you can't wait a lifetime)

Internal tug of war – things are OK so you settle

Read another self help book- words alone only work for a short while, until, BAM, you're right back to the old way of doing and thinking

Read A Case Study from Doug (a private wealth advisor)

Read Testimonials From People Who Couldn’t Read One More Self-Help Book

Business Coaching

This is for the employer who already knows that getting their employees to perform at a peak level is NOT EASY. 59% of workers say they are physically depleted, emotionally drained, mentally distracted and lacking in meaning and purpose.

I know! I’ve been there! I worked in corporate America for over 20 years

So until you know…the familiar plateau you can’t seem to breakthrough you won’t

I can customize this work for a multibillion-dollar company and a small family-office

Read A Case Study From A Business Start Up & an Employee’s Perspective

Read Testimonials From Other Businesses and Executives

Intuitive Life Coaching

This is for the people who have abrupt transitions (divorce, empy nest, death and single parents). Do you feel misunderstood by your friends, family members, coworkers and kids?

Part of you wants to stop trying to please everyone and get on with the next phase of your life with AIM and PURPOSE

Until you… get on the path of new learning and new discoveries, and self mastery... you will live in the world of BLAME and EXCUSES

You can't understand new things in the same old patterned way: if so nothing new will ever happen

Read A Case Study from Sarah (recently divorced entrepeneur)

Read Testimonials From Empty Nesters, Divorcees, Widows, and Single Parents

What Is Life Coaching?
Who is Coaching For?

You may have quite a clear idea about what coaching is, or you may know nothing about it. Whatever your case is, I think you will find something interesting here.

What are some typical coaching issues?
  • I have a big goal and I want someone to support me
  • I have lots of great plans but can’t quite implement all of them
  • I’m starting my own business and feel overwhelmed by everything I have to do
  • I am overworked/stressed
  • I’m thinking about changing my career and want to explore what’s possible
  • I’ve lost motivation and clarity of direction needed to give my career a lift
  • I have issue at work0 a task I do not know how to manage, something’s wrong with my team, boss doesn’t listen/understand etc..
  • I think I want to make a change but not sure what kind of change
  • I’m stuck-I’m not moving forward-and don’t know what to do next
  • Life feels flat. I can’t say what’s exactly wrong but I know something’s missing
  • I want to regain a greater sense of meaning in my work and life. Individual issues vary greatly. Whatever the individual situation, people come to coaching when the desire builds up within them-desire to shine
What is coaching?

Coaching is directed towards the achievement of extraordinary results by you. It’s about unlocking your potential to reach important objectives. You get what you want a lot faster and easier by teaming up with a coach.

Where do I start?

Book a FREE clarity call during which you will uncover hidden challenges that could be sabotaging your success. 

We will begin to create a crystal clear vision for bridging the gap between the status quo and your true potential.

Leave the session renewed, energized, and inspired.

What will we do together?

Using my proven process system, The Bridge Method, will help you get in better physical and psychological shape; it prepares you to take yourself on and grow, develop and change exponentially, not slow and incrementally. Developing willpower so you can close the gap between ambition and execution.

The stages in my program are crucial to your success. It is designed in a way to assure you get results and build on the momentum and leading to a healthier, happier, more productive you.

How long do we work together?

The length of each coaching engagement varies and is based on each individuals client’s needs. I will customize a package to fit your goals and we can adjust it over time. 

How will I feel when working with you?

You will feel in control of your personal and professional life. Fostering shifts in thinking reveal fresh perspectives.

Having control over what pattern is controlling you, will give you opportunities to respond rather than react, gaining a clearer understanding of events, circumstances, and approaching them with positive outcomes.

Do you offer one-time coaching sessions? I just need a little help.

Yes!  I love doing spot coaching!

Often being able to see stressful situations differently makes all the difference in the world.  A simple sight in approach is a game changer.

Read Oscar’s Story HERE to learn how he was transformed in just 1 hour.

Online Coaching Resources

Well Balanced Checklist

Are you living a well-rounded life?  What would it look like if you had enough AWARENESS to know what to change about yourself? You have the know the components of life before you can change your life. 

Review my Well Balanced Checklist to rate yourself (1 to 10) in various categories. 

You need to know where you are starting from so you can measure your growth. 

Burnout Quiz

Do little things send you into a tailspin?  Do you feel like you are barely hanging on?  Feeling like anything can set you off?  Are you past stressed and fatigued?

When we are stressed for a long time, we shift out of stress mode and into burnout mode, take this Burnout Quiz to get to know your burnout profile.

Get Your RESULTS Immediately so you can see where you need to start!

Well-Being Quiz

What aspect of your Well-Being is killing your momentum? 

Your overall Well-Being is standing on 4 pillars: Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical. At the end of this Well-Being Quiz, you’ll see which of these four is keeping you stuck and what could you do to improve it and move on toward a happier life.

Get Your RESULTS Immediately so you can see where you need to start!

About Me

Twenty years in the corporate world, I was exposed to the best training and coaching to keep me motivated and hit my goals faster instead left me drained and frustrated. 

There were always areas in my life that I wanted to improve but felt hopeless at times. I had a stack of self-help books, attended many seminars left with enthusiasm; my task list, my new goals told everyone how this time it would be different, only to go back to the old way of doing and thinking. This feeling was frustrating, and I was experiencing mediocrity. I didn’t realize it, but my quality of life was going down, but it’s not like that anymore. You may not need to change, but your approach might. After being trained and mentored by a modern-day sage for the past ten years, apprenticing myself to enormously talented teachers working with clients and a ton of trial and error, I created a holistic system that connects your wellbeing and energy to performance so that you can get back on track with speed and confidence.

Be inspired by new approaches, new terminologies, new concepts, and dig a little deeper. It’s worth it.

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Personal Coaching Testimonials

Tom is spot on with his advice. He has provided me with amazing insight about who I was. He is extremely intuitive. Candid yet sensitive in his feedback. In a short amount of time he was able to provide me with key ideas and tactical strategies to free me of my self- sabotaging behaviors and I started to feel clear and confident again.”


Account Specialist, Morgan Stanley

“Struggling with difficulties both at work and at home, I needed to stop my destructive thinking.

Tom immediately identified the genesis of my pain and frustration and offered actionable steps for change and healing. One hour seems like too little time to accomplish anything, but I left feeling renewed and determined.

Tom provided the mirror I needed through which I saw how my attitudes and behavior were leading me down a destructive path. He then helped me consider more effective ways to overcome my challenges.”

Oscar Romer

Life Coaching Client

“My boss came up to me and said she noticed something different about me but couldn’t put a finger on it, it was the greatest compliment.

Working with Tom has boosted my confidence and self-esteem and has given me the tools to overcome my challenges!”

Dylia Sheehan

Intercultural Program Consultant, Cartus Intercultural & Language Solutions

Tom coached me through my divorce and I don’t know what I would have done without him.  During the initial days following my separation, I was very emotional, so I met with Tom daily. 

He was also available on the phone whenever I felt overwhelmed.  With a divorce, there is so much change that it can be hard to know where to start.  Tom helped me manage the stress and anxiety of the situation, while helping me lay the foundation for my new life.  Leaning on friends and family is great, but having a trained, impartial life coach by my side made all the difference.

Nancy Lombardo

Intuitive Life Coaching Client

Business Coaching Testimonials

“I was skeptical, but Tom’s training has brought insight, inspiration and a high level of focus for our employees and his one-on-one coaching has been powerful!

In the first two years our sales increased by 35%, our employee engagement was high, and we increased our footprint and alliances in the industry. His (Tom’s) stock has never been higher at Curzon Real Estate”

James Moss

Owner, Curzon Real Estate

“Working with Tom has helped transform my business and transcend my thinking.

His counsel and approach have been a pivotal component of developing a sustainable and winning formula.”

Des Hague

CEO, Aegis Enterprise

“I was recently laid off from a job I had for 25 years. I partnered with Tom with the hopes of landing on my feet again. With a refreshed sense of motivation and a clear understanding of where I was starting my new life, I began to notice incremental growth on both a personal and opportunity level.

I worked with Tom for 6 months and now have started a new job with a start-up company I am CEO of NewsDirect.”

Greg Castano

Chief Executive Officer, NewsDirect

I Can Help You. Effortlessly Achieve Your Goals. Find Higher Levels of Performance and Satisfaction. And Start GENUINELY LIVING, not “Living a Grind.”

You can…

Have more energy and time to accomplish the things you are passionate about

Get clear and calm on how to overcome recurring problems in your daily life

Spend quality time connecting to your family, friends and loved ones

Improve your ability to handle stress so you can be more productive at work and home

Develop more consistency so you can achieve higher performance at work

Clear out any unfinished business, so you are starting from a position of power, feeling free and ready to move onto your next steps

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Building The Bridge To Your New Life Today!