Dismantle the Status Quo

Doug – Private Wealth Advisor


Doug is a Private Wealth Advisor. He contacted me after reading a recent interview I had with the Westchester Business magazine. Doug has worked at [confidential company] for 17 years and over the past year feels like he has hit the wall. He has a great client base, a great family, he works 15 minutes from home, he is in very good shape and enjoys playing golf. The problem was that when it came to growing his business it was difficult. The gap for Doug was not the ambition but the execution.

The goal for Doug was to have a new approach to build momentum to increase his business along the way he found out that there were other parts of his life that needed attention

We need to get the conditions right in order to execute, the conditions are the precursor to be balanced and right in order for you to achieve your goals.

Here is the blueprint we put together.

– Adjust your thinking
– Adjust your approach to the day
– Don’t let everyone know what you think
– Patience/Slow down deliberate practices
– Energy work need to be at a peak state for 3 days
– Know when you’re out of alignment
– Develop more emotional intelligence

– Double your income in 12-24 months
– Train someone to do the first touches
– Simplify your life
– Improve personal relationships
– Increase network
– Peace of mind



– Incorporate deliberate practices—something you’re not comfortable with.
– Beware of mind traps: don’t judge automatically/beware of the critical mind/over calculation/fault finding and needing to know outcomes- continue to practice meditation
– If you are feelings of self-doubt, impatience… 2xs per day connect with your breath to break these patterns ten deep breaths or until you are connected to the body.
– Pay attention to short term wins- a story you are telling yourself Hero vs. victim, beat the saboteur – make the call, distractions limited, don’t assume. Smile enjoy the journey not -ah all right I’ll do it
– Balance life strategy- know what’s getting squeezed in your life
– Do not filter in personal relationships. We have filters for listening to those around us- this is judgmental, do not wait to respond or have a mental conversation going while someone is speaking with you, just listen in total presence.


Not for intellectual comprehension, but it will be extraordinarily helpful for you to understand the method so you can apply it to problems and situations that confront you daily.

1. Self-awareness – tone of voice, body posture, facial expressions. Know when your sliding. It gives you a chance to get back to the present time.

Benefit – you begin to change, suitable for the home life, helps with patience and anxiousness.

2. Shift Perspective 10% – how you see the world, see it through someone; else’s eyes.

Benefit – Improve relationships.

3. Increase vitality – rejuvenate energy through techniques express positively. Know your energy drainers.

Benefit – daily effective instead of periodic efficient

4. Create capacity- clear out any unfinished business, become less resistant to new ideas.

Benefit – allows you to do things better and create space to allow new things- may not forget all the bad shit that has happened to you, but you create space to deal with it differently. I .e. How you respond, how you listen, how aware you are of your nonverbal ques.

5. Increase Perception – become aware of something through the senses. I.e., appreciation, understanding when you have no emotional reaction to how a person is treating you.

Benefit – you don’t take everything personally. A significant boost in Self-esteem.

How to motivate yourself:

– Have written reminders of your goal/target everywhere you can place them
– Work towards the goal with a plan- Clear goal-identify and don’t tolerate the problems that stand in the way of you achieving those goals-Accurately diagnose the issues to get at the root cause-design a plan that will get you around them-do what’s necessary to push these designs through to results
– Keep reminders of why the goal is important
– Review your purpose, your plan and your reminders daily
– Call me if you feel your slipping
– Remember discomfort is temporary
– Remember complaining saps motivation like nothing else
– It’s always your job to motivate yourself. Never anyone else. Never spouse. Its YOUR task.

A few thoughts:

A change in your actions will induce a change in your thoughts. This will break any habit and start a new one; it’s that simple. You have an understanding of the components of life to do this. The five keys are the components that guide you in overcoming your challenges (anything that qualifies as a struggle), which are internal and recognize your external opportunities.

People associate more with what they don’t want than do, so always be clear about where you are going.

Change is never a matter of ability, just motivation. Starting is the hardest part.


Doug and I worked together for seven months. He is a very resourceful guy and has an excellent drive to accomplish his goals, but he needed a different approach to building daily momentum. He shed the skeptical mindset got rid of the getting ready to get ready attitude and took action. There are five critical areas of life, and when they are harmonized, you can see clearly, avoid distractions and excuses.

We hit on all five areas and made improvements and adjustments in each, and Doug today is more aware of his reaction and confidently taking charge of his life. Learning about new tools and techniques helped Doug overcome stressful situations quicker.

Having a clearer understanding of events and circumstances and how to approach them with positive outcomes has built Doug’s self-esteem and ruminating over what if’s and self-doubt have gone away.

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